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As part of our environmental and eco-friendly policies we ensure that we minimise the impact upon the environment of our funerals by


1. We do not embalm unless required by law or when requested by the family.


2. We offer a range of eco-friendlier funeral options to compliment our traditional funeral options.


3. Our limousines seat 7 passengers, when used in place of two family saloon cars, reduces environmental footprint.



We have a wide range of natural eco-friendlier coffins and caskets, all sourced from reputable suppliers, suitable for burial, cremation or for cremated remains.


The photographs on this page represent a small selection of our range.


We can arrange burials at the Native Woodland burial sites at Culverhouse Cross or Usk Chase, or within the woodland section at Thornhill Cemetery.

Follow the link to the Native Woodland website.


We offer the "GREENER GOODBYES" packages which offer an eco coffin and a living natural memorial. Follow the link to our suppliers Greener Goodbyes website.


All of these options also available in our pre-paid funeral plans!



Native Woodland's Vale of Glamorgan burial site near to Culverhouse Cross Cardiff with views over Cardiff towards Caerphilly Mountain.



Bamboo Traditional Coffin Shape                       Bananna Leaf Traditional Coffin Shape           Pandanas Rounded Coffin

bananatraditional pandanusroundmedium willowhighstedmedium willowcromerthumb

Willow Rounded Casket                                          Willow Traditional Shaped Coffin                    Woollen Rounded Coffin

The Greener Goodbyes package provides an eco-friendly coffin and a living memorial with a financial legacy to help to offset the carbon footprint of the funeral service. The coffins that are used in this package are supplied to us by an award winning coffin manufacturer. Please follow the link to the Greener Goodbyes website for further information on the coffins included in this package and the memorial and legacy options.





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